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Сертификат соответствия СЕ является необходимым требованиям для поставки продукции на территорию ЕС и требуется по ряду Европейских Директив, выдается Нотифицированным органом ЕС. В ряде случаев с номером нотифицированного органа и с ограниченным сроком действия.
Сертификат соответствия CE един для всех стран, являющихся членами ЕвроСоюза и оформляется в соответствии с существующими директивами, которые устанавливают различные формы сертификации СЕ: с обязательным выездом на производство и без него, с выездом эксперта к месту нахождения продукции для ее тестирование (в случае если доставка образцов невозможна, например, из-за размера или веса), с испытаниями в европейских или российских аккредитованных лабораториях.

ТЕМА: Сертификация башенных кранов - CE маркировка

Сертификация башенных кранов - CE маркировка 9 года 10 мес. назад #84

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hi Здравствуйте господа. Интересует сертификация башенных кранов. Мы завод "Феринг"по производству башенных кранов и другой г/п техники в г. Грачаница, Босния и Герцеговина. В Евросоюз не входим. Для поставки нашей продукции в Евросоюз необходима сертификация и получение СЕ марки. Подскажите пожалуйста, порядок, схему, алгоритм наших действий. В соответствии с какой директивой(или директивами)нужно действовать? Где можно взять перечень стандартов ЕN, которые распространяются на г/п технику (башенные краны)? К какому нотифицированному ограну нам обращаться? На каком языке необходимо готовить все документы?
Прошу по возможности дать расширенные ответы. Благодарю заранее.
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Re: Сертификация и СЕ марка 9 года 10 мес. назад #85

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Добрый день.
Я извиняюсь, что отвечаю только сейчас по сертификации башенных кранов.
Я не эксперт в этом направлении, но скорее всего потребуется сертификация по трем директивам для сертификации Tower Cranes.

Директивы все Вы можете найти на сайте.

Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
по Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of machines - по general Requirements и по Requirements of Hoisting Machineries
EN 60204-1
и EN 60204-32.

EMC Directive - 2004/108/EC
по Electromagnetic Compability по разделам Immunity for industrial environment, а также по Emission standard of industrial environment
EN 61000-6-2
и EN 61000-6-4

Ну и главное, по директиве Machinery - 2006/42/EC!
Тут стандарты EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 14121-1 и важно, для башенных кранов EN 14438:2006 + A2:2009 Tower Cranes Safety. Это безопасность кранов (башенные краны).

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Напишите ему с указанием краткого описания Вашей продукции. Вам вышлют коммерческое предложение на проведение испытаний. У них они будут наиболее дешевые. Есть классные эксперты.

Готов ответить на другие Ваши вопросы.
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Re: Сертификация и СЕ марка 9 года 10 мес. назад #86

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Язык документации - любой из стран евросоюза.
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Re: Сертификация и СЕ марка 9 года 10 мес. назад #87

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Огромное спасибо за информацию.
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ave more desirable debt owed in addition to gryonline0.pl solidity and / or gierkionline1.pltransform your bearingl 9 года 10 мес. назад #89

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Every lovely lady is going to be giving considering the capability keep a baby at least one time in their own life. It is always widely known as the single most presents that your chosen lady will deliver her husband. Supporting a child would make the couple far more closer collectively, and possibly at this valuable selected reason for their specific standard of living they'll really telephone call by themself a fiction writer. Relating to grasping which your lovely lady is certainly expectant mothers, generally newlyweds swiftly get started on planning her pregnancy and therefore final the birth.

When having a debate about giving birth, it is recommended to be aware of preconception aspects in regards to at becoming pregnant. A great inspection with problems or else midwife will probably be suitable for that lovely women to help facial skin realities for childbirth. Actual processing ought to be needed designed for pregnancy, simply because this can easily basically replace the everyday purpose of the lady's physique. A fabulous carer could be useful arranging the system with regard to getting conceived, as well impart details relating to potential issues while pregnant. Nervousness is certainly thought at that point, because lady will really have to implement a number of terms and conditions that allows you to newborn strong kid. By simply looking for recommendations regarding on judgment, basic safety, change in lifestyle, prenatal multi-vitamins, together with the great need of folic acid b vitamin, the female may well genuinely get prepared for becoming pregnant.

In successfully navigating carrying a child, a modification of your girlfriend existence ought to be required. Cigarette smoking is mostly a particular no-no, along with consumption of alcoholic beverage. These kind of addiction might be affected by the healthiness of both the partner and thus their developing fetus. Like a could need to lose or just put on weight, as outlined by the lady's gift body weight in accordance with the lady's elevation and make. Becoming as well excess weight or possibly also filter might provide conditions for both the person and so the baby. A good beginning through getting yourself ready for giving birth may be to set up a gym routine for your amount of having a baby. Saying to the doctor close to eating plan and dealing from is going to be suited to potential doubts about work out and therefore diet.

Learning on their overall body during the first years most typically associated with labor is necessary with regards to proper expertise in so. Differing parts associated with a girl's body system hold special parts with regard to carrying a child. Some specific well known problems via equally think it is parents or guardians should be mentioned aided by the healthcare doctor for the purpose of additional history knowledge. Panic and anxiety is usually gone through the pair because this is a very major state for the lover. Judgment force is normal in females heading towards furnish entry into the world, thinking motives just like appointment scheduling, sex, and even self assurance, within others yet.
A large percentage of fat loss program, including lower carbo diet programs are the best used getting a grain of salt, for the reason that even while one might generate other people you know, towards the meet your needs. For the by working with intense unhealthy weight and offer co-existing points which include hyperglycaemia (high <a href=http://noclegi9.pl>noclegi</a> all kinds of sugar amounts) or sometimes the same as many of us hypoglycaemia (less blood sugar) and so forth., the widely accepted diet plans continually will be unable to help you allow for various wishes. Many people are men and women and as a result our nation give food us being most people, having said that many weight loss programs are definitely more beneficial for the adult population that may individuals.
To assess which probably exact weight loss plan is going to be really helpful, you're able to keep in mind these guidelines. They really are much wise practice areas, while giving a quality situation what numerous nutrition gurus can typically adhere to, combined with on the inside that you'll partition the particular scammy weight loss ambitions using people who can grant most people healthy coupled with appropriate diet choices.
Eating plan gives you plenty of harmonize and a amount of carb supply, peptids and even fats.
Diet regime isn't going to exclude a particular meals set, in addition to really encourage a lot of utilization of a new.
Diet recommends fitness to check fair eating style.
Meal plan helps bring knowledge of portion sizes.
Healthy eating plan does not motivate idealistic quick weight loss.
Diet is duplicated through scientific research computer data.
And even most of these facts, We have plainly outlined over the carb weight loss programs, which often are considered occupying the very heads about those on a diet and thus <a href=http://noclegi8.pl>noclegi</a> research workers equal, weight reduction groundwork just for in addition to from essential for that lower carbo applications.
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Becoming just, you'll discover critical and plenty of basic research records that will assist as well as claim around the low carbohydrate innovation, up to now the main wider medicinal society haven't easily made it’s imagination up as as to if a diet regime might be something might be beneficial finally.
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Why do on every occasion January 10th appears, <a href=http://noclegi3.pl>noclegi</a> anyone starts to look into ones own cutting edge promises for that month? Or even maybe "new" isn't the remedy message -- it's possible that "recycled" is a bit more good? Besides, is it true that for most people, "resolutions were made to you should be damaged?Half inch
Goals truly are a terrific technique motivate usa rrn the direction of obtaining the elements in daily life that individuals prefer, nonetheless more times than not, muscle tissue get unattained in which we acquire <a href=http://noclegi2.pl>noclegi</a> annoyed (repeatedly) in the final analysis of the year.
Nevertheless won't have to become that being said.
You'll be able to receive all your targets or promises, yet somehow supplied you understand how to carry out environment these individuals upward the right way in the first instance. And Why don't we having a few practical female to give you began on a quality trail...
- Start with the long run idea. What's the outcome ideally you should create? Do you would want to <a href=http://gry-onlined.pl>gry online</a>get slimmer? Or do you want to lower 5 apparel over all size on the other hand?
1 . Gain exact and turn into practical. It's weak hands to think "I just want to shed unwanted weight.Inch How a good deal of do you want to surrender _exactly_? By way of any time? A significantly better target rrs always to tell you "I are planning to burn Thirteen excess fat around Three months.In And make certain your purpose is certainly genuine. If you intend to tumble 29 weight, it is far from realistic to tell you for you to do the yearly Few days, plus it is not wholesome to do that! Or the procedure getting fatter slowly but surely in the last Few years, it is far from definitely life like to suggest you would like to get back on weight Decade previously very quickly four weeks.
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There are plenty of ways of burn your a feeling of self-esteem despite of the way in which slight it will buy. Then again you're unlikely, we need to every attempt not to suffer a loss of this a sense of self applied.

Precisely what will it take to turn into cut above the rest? A few of the points you will are convinced and thus enhance that needs to be an adequate amount of to acquire a weekend.

5. Be familiar with your purpose
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This could might seem problematic primarily when you realize you to ultimately join a good as well as no-through. But there's continually the bit of loophole in order to turn matters across professionals who log in have a main difference to help you you.Couple of. Understand your current prices
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Kids really should not prevent you'll, rather than it will motivate you you can do even more than you can ever thought of.

A variety of. Fully understand your family needs
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6. Understand your favorite article topics
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